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The Center for the Development of Children

Puffin Class - Pre-K for Young 4 year olds

Our Puffin Class is led by Laura and Ashley. The Puffin room is for the younger 4 year old's. When there is a need in the community, we are able to split the two rooms into older and younger pre k rooms.

Laura is the Lead Teacher. She enjoys boating, exploring the beach, going to theater /dance shows and spending time with her husband and three children. Laura's philosophy in teaching children is “The classroom should be a safe and caring community where we learn, explore and play together. Laura joined our school in 2020.

Ashley is the Assistant Teacher. She enjoys spending time at the lake and beach, kayaking, hiking, and spending quality time with her boys. Her teaching philosophy is "Every child deserves a fun, creative, and safe environment to spark their love for learning, playing, and self expression". Ashley joined our school in 2019.

Our Puffin room has a three day minimum enrollment policy.


7:15, 8:00, and 8:45 am Arrival

9:00 Classroom Meeting. Story, songs, calendar, theme of week(s), sharing. Intro to projects and learning centers.

9:20 Bathroom

9:40 Snack

10:00 Free play, learning centers, project and activities:  The room is open to the children for exploration and creativity. We also call up small groups of children to work on projects that incorporate different skills.

10:50. Clean up and carpet circle activity

11:00 Gross motor / outdoor time

11:45 Wash up/bathroom/lunch

12:15 Follow up of activities, Author of the month book.

12:30 Departure