The Center for the Development of Children

Laura's Penguins - Children Aged 48-60 Months

We have two Penguin rooms; one led by Anna and one by Laura. When there is a need in the community, we are able to split the two rooms into older and younger pre k rooms.

Both rooms prepare the children for their next step in their eduction career, but each has a focus for the developmental age of the children who make up the classroom. 

Sandy F enjoys reading, yoga, and long walks on the beach. She is also an avid Patriots fan and a big dog lover. Her newest passion is her granddaughter, Vera. Sandy's philosophy in teaching children is; "Children should have fun while learning and socializing while broadening their horizons when away from home." 

Our Penguin room has a three day minimum enrollment policy.


8:45-9:10     Arrival

9:10-9:20     Circle time/discussion of day’s planned activities/Show &Tell

9:20-9:30     Bathroom

9:30-9:45     Snack

9:45-9:50     Clean up

9:50-11:00    Free Play and Planned Activities

11:00-11:05  Clean Up

11:05-11:15   Bathroom

11:15-11:45   Outside/gross motor

11:45-12:15   Lunch

12:15-12:30   End of day circle and discussion

12:30              Departure/ Rest

Pictures from Sandy's Penguin Room: