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The Center for the Development of Children

Enrichments  (Due to Covid, we are not offering Enrichments at this time. But here is a sampling for when we do.)  

We offer a variety of afternoon enrichments. Class times are 12:30-1:30. A staff member will bring your child to the enrichment class and will stay with them during that time. For those staying with us until 2:30 or later we will bring your child back to class. Otherwise, you can pick up your child from the class at 1:30. 

Mass Audubon’s Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Teachers/naturalists will bring a a variety of nature topics to this enrichment. Seasonal topics focus on what is happening outside in our own backyards. We incorporate creative dramatics, songs and fingerplays, games, manipulatives, puppets, mounted animals (stuffed REAL animals!), and an occasional live animal into the programs to engage your preschoolers. Weather permitting, this class will be held outdoors.      

Coach Pete's Action Packed Movement Class

In these action packed gym activities, children ages 2.5-5 will learn a lot of team based games involving running and tagging. We will also play games where they will work on throwing and catching. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop sportsmanship and team playing, all the while, having a great time.

Kung Fu

Have fun and learn Kung Fu in this once per week class that targets the improvement of key physical and mental abilities in children ages 3 to 5! Students will improve listening skills, focus, attention and learn respect while following directions in a structured environment that is both fun and safe. Through games and physical training, the students will improve general body awareness, coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. Our Instructors are trained to recognize and reward students that give a good effort and set a positive example for others. Motivation and self confidence will grow as students laugh and learn about the Five Animals of Kung Fu. These exciting movements mimic the motions of fierce Tigers, fast Leopards, clever Snakes, tricky Cranes and powerful, mystical Dragons. At the end of the 8 week program the students will test on the material and have a chance to earn a Yellow Shirt! Those students who are continuing on with the class will be ‘testing’ for more advanced levels and new shirts!

Coach Pete's Wide World of Team Sports

We will offer a team sport of 4 weeks of soccer and 4 weeks tee-ball in the fall. In the winter we will offer 4 weeks of basketball then 4 weeks of floor hockey. We will finish the Spring with soccer and tee ball. The children will work on the basic fundamentals of each sport. 

My Gym Mobile

My Gym has created an extraordinary fitness program devised to help children, ages 2-5, develop physically, cognitively and emotionally to come to your child’s school. Our structured, age-appropriate classes incorporate fitness, music, dance, puppets, relays, games, gymnastics, sports and other original activities. The children have fun as they exercise and gain strength, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility and social skills. The most important benefit we offer, however, is the building of confidence and self-esteem. A child who feels good about him/herself has a jumpstart on the path to becoming a healthy, well-adjusted young adult.